Freshers Fest set to champion Coventry’s new sound by bringing 12 of the city’s most progressive artists together

When one thinks of Coventry, it’s not the bright lights, the razzmatazz, the Ritz. Spectacular art-related happenings don’t often grace our humble nook of the UK. In theory, Coventry’s creative scene should be spilling and contrasting to its industrial reputation.

It does, however, seem like we’re beginning to embrace local talent more than ever before. With the painful demise of The Enemy, the music scene had withered, but it’s not yet laid to rest. LiveLoud, an au courant movement, is challenging Coventry’s despair by hosting a series of gigs and riling the residents of our sleeping city.

It’s all happening beneath our feet, as Coventry indie rockers Candid (above) revealed to the masses from the Godiva Festival main stage earlier this month.

But LiveLoud can’t work alone, and bands can’t continue to fuel the fire without our support for their true trade. Musicians, we want to save you from the minimum wage at Debenhams. We implore you to bloom and generate and let your talents burst from your control!

Let’s challenge the obstructions artists face in this climate. We’re not London and we’re not Manchester, but we don’t want to be. We’re Coventry, and we’ve got a myriad of local acts – 12, to be exact – performing in one night in the form of Freshers Fest, which is also open to the public.

Let’s show up for Mara Falls, Free Galaxy, The Ellipsis, Jordan Mackampa, Parade, Athens, Everything Aside, Operation Guillotine, Elk, What’s Left, The Desert Yetis and Candid, and champion local music. It’s a fiver. The worst that could happen is our eyes are all opened.

Freshers Fest takes place on 29th September at Square One, The Hub. Doors 5pm.

Written by Samantha Ewen.

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