French design studio, Surfaces, creating experimental ideas that push the boundaries of both print and digital

Founded in 2016, Surfaces is a design studio that can be found in the beautiful city of Lille in Northern France. Conceived and driven by Jane Secret and Nicolas Millot, Surfaces is a multidisciplinary agency that uses the founders passion for contemporary design to challenge traditions and push the boundaries of their art.

Both Jane and Nicolas are inspired by their joint desire to view graphic design as a playground, one that allows them to turn messages into pictures but also as a way of experimenting with media. Through print they explore inks, folds and papers whilst the digital landscape allows them to think hard about usability and the end-users experience.

The selected project below celebrates their processes and approach, designed as a hybrid object (to work as a poster, greeting card and leaflet) this piece of print explains the association’s orientations future intentions. They worked with papers, varnishes, inks (fluorescent, metallic and classic), folds and numerous printing techniques and finishes to create an object that is truly spectacular, full of rationale and absolutely beautiful.

Image credit: Surfaces | Studio de Design Graphique

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