French craft brewery, Drav, shine strong with bold identity and ethos of emerging cultures

We love combining genres of creative culture and understanding the impact they have on those they communicate with. From new sneaker collaborations between traditional brands and those less connected with fashion right through to books and magazines that work side-by-side with illustrators to capture a story instead of traditional photography.

So when we stumbled across Drave, a French craft-brewery, we were immediately blown away by their brand identity, packaging approach and creative ethos. Drav is naturally driven by the desire to create good beer but their message goes deeper. Their processes revolve around the emerging culture of their customers. From hazy sunsets seen from rooftops to basement grooves, Drave is connecting with a younger audience who appreciate independently made beer.

However, their brave identity is elevating them beyond all other craft-breweries. A series of vivid tins feature extremely bold typography and fresh graphics, all of which scream self-confidence. Craft beer has opened the creative can and forced almost all brands within the market to communicate clearly and global shelves are loaded with beautifully designed labels but Drave’s connects with us like no other.

Image credit: Alex Blouin.

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