Fusing smart concepts with simplicity to tell visually beautiful stories

In a world that’s loaded with content, both off and online, it’s become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. Billboards adorn every inch of spare, urban space whilst platforms such as Facebook regurgitate campaigns endlessly with only profit in mind. So when we discovered Austrian illustrator and graphic designer, Francesco Ciccolella, we were captivated by his ability to communicate clearly.

Based in Vienna, Francesco pairs smart concepts with simplicity in which he aims to tell stories and convey ideas in the most direct yet unexpected way. His use of wit and visual metaphors provide much needed humor and his ability to turn complex messages into beautifully easy to understand visuals is one that’s exceptionally skillful.

Francesco’s work span from editorial to publishing and book covers to animations. He has collaborated and been featured in the Guardian, The New York Times and Google. This young creative is one to watch and be inspired by. Check out his website here for more awesome work.

Images © Francesco Ciccolella

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