Design Ranch deliver fun and clever brand that mirrors Foot Traffic’s socks!

Foot Traffic provides socks for people’s passions, vices and everything in between. With a need to stand out from competitors and appeal to consumers, Foot Traffic commissioned the Design Ranch for a new brand that is as fun and clever as the socks they make.

Based in Kansas City, USA, Design Ranch is an agency we have long-admired. Their bold, brave approach and carefully considered processes stand them out as an industry leader. Design Ranch said that they started with the logo, and made a monogram bold enough to stop traffic! Next, they gave the packaging a new look with patterning, gloss varnish and playful brand language revealed when opened.

Last stop was the photography. We used dramatic strobed lighting with playful crops and scenarios to highlight the products, capturing the attitude of the brand, and of course, encourage self-expression! Let your socks do the talking!

Visit the Design Ranch website for more information and inspiring projects.

Images © Design Ranch.

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