Multi-talented musician, Fainter, raising the alternative bar

Originally from Coventry but residing in Leamington Spa, Robert Denning is a young musician consumed with a passion for his art. He is driven, dedicated and riddled with a desire to make his presence felt within the industry.

As a musician he records under the title of Fainter, creating tracks such as Esme, a haunting, melancholic piece littered with subtle nuances. Ghostly vocals dance with the guitar loop, for someone that writes and records his own music this is beautifully put together.

Tracks including Replica and Levity are lighter, focusing on Rob’s ability to deliver vocals that sit between spoken word and singing. His approach is somewhat dream like, delivering soft, intense and echoing pieces that are raw, bold and fresh.

All of his tracks could sit happily within one of Spotify’s Concentration Playlists. There’s scope for this experimental approach to develop in to something very special. There are hints of legendary icons such as Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams and Beck within his processes and we cannot wait to see what comes next.

Photography © Adam Goss.


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