Experimental photography collaboration developed by Tom Godwin and Adam Goss

We have a wide-range of contributors to our mixed-media channels including Tom Godwin and Adam Goss who have collaborated and created an experimental double exposure project that explores how photography can document people and places.

As a creative that uses alternative techniques and process, Tom Godwin traditionally produces bold prints that combine the use of photography and graphics whilst Coventry University student, Adam Goss is exploring photographic approaches and techniques. This collaboration see’s the pair take individual shots, which were captured in Coventry, Nottingham and Wales, before swapping film and overlaying new perspectives that generate mixed results from hazy, summery landscapes to more haunting, deep canvases.

This approach is one the pair are looking to develop in order to capture new subjects, genres and industry types that we cannot wait to see and publish in future.

Image credit: Tom Godwin and Adam Goss.

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