Europe’s largest street art & graffiti festival champions Bristol’s dynamic creative culture

Unbelievably it’s already been two weeks since we descended on one of our favourite creative cities, Bristol, for Europe’s largest street art & graffiti festival. Upfest is a monstrous celebration of people, paint and freedom, connecting communities through visual statements that are respected, embraced and cherished for their individuality and expressive nature.

At Upfest you won’t find artworks being removed, covered up or erased by council magnolia. This is a city that understands creativity and its cultural impact. This is a destination that’s become home to street art and it’s meteoric rise. Bristol is a beacon within a world of non-adventurous organisations, they shine brightly through the dim of traditional leadership. This is a space that allows creativity to thrive, it develops and nurtures innovation, it provides the canvas for the creators of tomorrow and basks in their success.

From street corners to skate parks and shop fronts to door ways, Upfest is nothing short of a sensational weekend that enchants all ages, encourages all abilities and excepts everyone. Check out the gallery below for a taste of what we experienced.

Images © Andy Smart.

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