Escapade causing quite a stir with their relentlessly punchy indie rock vibe

Leicester hailing rockers Escapade have been causing quite a stir recently with their relentlessly punchy indie rock vibe. On the back of their success in the SoundWaves Music Competition where they won the midlands stage Escapade are now releasing new single “Take My Love” into the world and looking to make 2018 a year to remember! We recently caught up with the band to find out more.

Hey Escapade how’s it going? So you’ve not long won the midlands stage of the Soundwaves music competition and are about to release your new single “Take My Love” which were loving here! These must be pretty exciting times for you guys?
Yeah brilliant times things are starting to look up for us! We’ve been working hard for 3/4 years now and we’re starting Create a buzz in the local scene, glad you like the song thank you!

How much would you say the platform of a competition such as Soundwaves helped you?
Soundwaves has given us a proper boost for us not only as a band but on stage, having the chance to play on a big stage in front of all those people shouting our name and digging our songs it’s great we love it!

What do you make of the midlands music scene at the moment?
There seems to be a lot going on. The midlands music scene is great! There’s loads of talent that needs to be heard and some really awesome venues to be played at. The promoters are all really good and fair to every band they book.

Listening to “Take My Love” it’s sounds like your sound merges influences from various genres and decades. Are these shared interests or does everyone bring their own unique musical influences to the band?
We all have a similar taste in music and it’s all quite broad so we could be listening to led zeppelin/stones which is the early days up too what today throws at us like amazons and catfish, there’s not really a set taste in the band we’re always listening to different stuff which is probably why you hear different decades or genre, anything that has a good beat/melody or guitar riff we’re into it. We’re going to come check out your show at the Birmingham o2 Institute on the 23rd of June And we can’t wait! What can people expect from an Escapade live set? I’m imagining a loud, raucous and rocking affair! The set is going to be loud! And with the good audience response we will cause a tremor! We’re hoping it to be our best performance yet! And hopefully go one to win the UK Tour and get Escapade known around the UK.

And finally after these upcoming live dates what’s next on the Escapade agenda?
Well after these live dates and a single release we are hoping to release another single as well as an ep we finished at the start of the year, which will be out in the summer, and are also looking to get back into the studio to record some more new material that won’t be heard until release so we’re excited for you all to hear it!

You can check out the new single here. Visit Escapade on Facebook for their latest tracks and dates.

Photography © Escapade.


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