The immersive cosmic culture of the sensational El Dorado Festival

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting El Dorado Festival for the third edition of their incredible celebration of individuality and freedom. We are lucky enough to be invited to many awesome events and capture the energy and diversity present, but to date, none have reached the heady heights of cosmic culture that El Dorado Festival did.

Deep in Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Hertfordshire the shackles of the weekly grind were being removed. Glitter loaded, human unicorns prowled the land as community yoga sessions swayed under the clearest of blue skies. Music echoing across the site whilst multiple, insane activities took place within a full size boxing ring.

Unlike so many festivals it’s quite hard to clearly define El Dorado but that’s what we adore about it. What we saw was a melting pot of sun drenched, uncontrollably happy people. Every single person fused together to create a giant mass of cultural magnificence. This ethos delivered an experience that was both immersive and unforgettable. One we wish would never end.

Visit the El Dorado Festival website and signup for the 2019, fourth edition festival.

Photography © Garry Jones.

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