Edition one of Native Magazine currently featured on Kickstarter and looking for your support

Ever since we began championing the work of those we find exceptionally talented, exciting and ambitious we’ve always thought about launching a printed edition. We are avid fans of print and love the idea of communicating with a difference audience to spread the word of those we admire further. So, at the end of 2018 we decided to get our first, full-scale edition designed and prepared for a summer launch. To make this happen we decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to give our followers the opportunity to be part of the story. We are happy to know announce that it is now live and features some incredible rewards from those we’ve worked with since starting out in 2017. If you would like to support us and provide as little as £1 to the fund then please do so by clicking here. Thank you.

You can back our Kickstarter campaign here.

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