Edeline Gosali’s unorthodox use of creativity illustrates how tradition challenging design will improve the future

We frequently talk about the need to challenge traditions and the importance of standing toe-to-toe with the status quo in order to provide an alternative way forward. We believe that creativity is the only way to do this and by visually reflecting this ethos we know that change, improvement and opportunity awaits. However, to make this happen creatives need to see past the client nodding cash-cow and explore how creativity can be more than a 9-5 ritual.

San Francisco based designer, Edeline Gosali, is one such visionary. Her unique blend of typography, photography and graphics push boundaries further than we’ve seen since the heady days of Factory Records and Peter Saville. Edeline’s use of colour both contrast and compliment one-another, her unorthodox use of tone, shape and layout clash with the traditions of commercial design but that’s why they are so captivating, beautiful and immersive.

This is a creative that we recommend all creatives follow, Edeline is giving us an insight in to the future of contemporary creativity, she is offering a new perspective and illustrating how carefully considered, visual art can be so much more than simply a vehicle to communicate information.

Image credit: Zeka Design.

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