Easily the best albums of 2018 coming at you from our main man Tom Godwin

Yes we know, everyone does a ‘best albums of the year’ post but this one is better than the others. We hear you say “Why is yours any better than the others?” To that we say it’s because we aren’t doing it for popularity reasons or to please advertisers who happen to run Sony. Instead we just focus on albums we have buzzed off in 2018. Creative people that have blown us away throughout the year, bands that have stopped us in our tracks and made us sit up and shout “Hell yeah.” Go and have a little read and if you’ve not heard what we have then have a play, download, buy and share the love.

Thee Oh Sees: Smote Reversed

Album one comes from Thee Oh Sees, an American rock band from San Francisco. Smote Reversed kicks of slowly with the instantly recognisable sunny state tones. Gentle lyrics and rolling drums flow across Sentient Oona, influences are apparent throughout this album but instead of being copied they’ve been harnessed and utilised in order to create a new sound, one that’s much deeper and stronger. Our favourite tracks, Nail House Needle Boys is a full on riff driven tune that’s somehow remains true to the rule book of classic rock but contains future space sounds. The whole album is a combo of weird and good, god knows what that means but we like it.

Viagra Boys: Street Worms

We love punk. It’s aggressive, no bullshit approach is something we admire. Many bands have tried, failed and dirtied punks good name but every now and then a group of disenfranchised youths come along and resurrect the movements ethos. Viagra Boys (the name says it all) are a perfect example of a band that are doing just that. Opening track, Down In The Basement, is a rock solid tune that has a range of instruments that grow in intensity and eventually convince your soul to boogie like Ian Curtis, smash shit up like Sid Vicious and look as cool as the guys who hung out in Warhol’s factory. Turn it up and nod til you little noggin can’t nod no more.

The Blinders: Columbia

The Blinders reverb groove gets underway immediately as Hate Song fires out the stereo. For a trio they produce one hell of a big noise, as the rhythm of drums compliment the classic rock guitar but its the melody of the opening track and other album tunes that give The Blinders a cutting edge. Hate Song flows beautifully then slows before speeding up whilst vocals rip across the tracks intensity. The barrage of noise continues as Et Tu and Rat In A Cage power the band to the top of the tree whilst closing tune Orbit (Salmon Of Alaska) shows a softer side to a band that is destined for greatness.

Idles: Joy As An Act Of Resistance

Idles don’t mess about. Joy As An Act Of Resistance is a beast of an album that comes at you from second it kicks off. Colossus gets proceedings under way with a simple, dirty riff and the tap of drum sticks. Lead vocals come from Joe Talbot, a mesmerising front-man who delivers raw, gritty and strangely captivating lyrics that make you sit up and pay attention whilst the group around him deliver equally epic melodies. After a few minutes of the Idles second album we feel more wired than after a session on Red Bull. Check it out tribe, you’ll love every second.

Artic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

The Monkeys came back to us in 2018 with another incredible collection of tracks. Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino (right mouthful that) is a homage to a vintage era, reflecting a time when everything was a bit nicer and more carefully produced. Tunes like Star Treatment are loaded with Turners genius lyrics whilst The Ultracheese slows things down, allowing the vocals to take centre stage. This album might not be what Dancing Shoes or Teddy Picker fans expect but it’s another chapter in the bands move towards ‘hall of famers’.

Curated and written by Tom Godwin.

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