Studio Native releases phase one of the Doodle Project 2019

In 2017 we were invited to create the first visual identity for the Doodle Project, a long-term, social concept designed to engage and encourage creativity amongst people of all ages and abilities, especially those who may traditionally feel isolated from or excluded from the cultural elite. As part of the first exercise we were commissioned to create a wide-range of materials including brand strategy and event graphics but we also had one eye on the future of the project and the direction it would take when followed up in 2019.

We are very pleased to announce that we are continuing our connection and are proudly releasing the first visuals for next years event. The Doodle Project will return with a more vibrant, dynamic and visually stimulating identity. Based on traditional techniques, including screen-printing and DIY creativity, our identity is formed round a collection of colours, letters and symboling assets all of which will be revealed as we move closer to the launch date. Below is a selection of elements that have been collated alongside photography from Adam Goss, who was the projects lead-photographer capturing the participants at the Doodle Project Live, a culmination of six months work.

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