Documenting more than formations and opta stats!

Football is everywhere. On the TV, in the papers and flooding social media. All the talk is heavy. Ex-players shuffling on about formations, tabloid journos giving it large on player ratings and Opto Stats banging the sidways pass drum. YAWWWWN! We don’t want the serious business of the beautiful game. We want more. We want culture, kits and hair cuts. We like to look in to the eye of the storm and fly out of it’s back-side with a book full of programme designs, old stadium photography and a wardrobe of killer world cup kits.

So when we stumbled across Mundial Magazine we found what we were looking for. A cult-like publication that was loaded with the deeper movement of football. A fans view of the game including fashion, music and a hell of a lot more. Their creative approach goes beyond the norm, it brings modern magazine design up close and personal with the game that we adore. At the end of the day, it’s always been and always will be (unless FIFA get frisky) 11 people against 11 other people. That is currently fact, so Mundial go beyond that, they look at the movement, the wider perspective and those that make it happen.

If you are a fan of football then this is a must but if you do also just like lifestyle of the game then this is also perfect for you.

Visit Mundial Magazine here and dive in to their world of football.



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