Derrick Argent dropping heavenly photography bombs

As a medium, photography has always held an extremely strong hold on our imagination. It has a unique ability to reflect and mirror emotion, diversity and depth. As a community we seek out new interpretations, innovative processes and the vision of incredible individuals so when we fell upon Derrick Argent we knew a new world of photography was on the horizon.

As a creative that primarily works within fashion and on documentary projects, Derrick’s work is rich in quality, vibrancy and depth. Argent has previously worked with brands including BBC, Contour Cafe, Elle Magazine, Vogue UK and Trend Magazine. The series below has really caught our eye, entitled ‘No Love Lost’, it’s black and white delivery heightens it’s strength and provocative nature leaving us wanting to know more and more.

We cannot wait to track Derrick Argent as his career develops and reaches new heights, which it is sure to do.

Photography courtesy of Derrick Argent. Visit his website and see more of his work here.

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