Collins deliver community identity for Airbnb weekender

Founded in 2008, Airbnb has created a marketplace that connects more the 60 million people. The brand has pushed the boundaries of the traditional hospitality industry and emerged as an idea of how humans connect. New York based agency has worked closely with the brand for years, and worked on campaigns that bring a flexible approach to different audiences, in different areas, at different times, including Brooklyn, Hong Kong & Hawaii so, when Airbnb partnered with the New York City Marathon it presented a unique opportunity to speak to New York and boroughs.

They created a brand system that extended to the NYC Marathon as well as the Brooklyn Half Marathon — a weekend event to prove that Airbnb had a real stake in the boroughs. Situated in idyllic Brooklyn Bridge Park, the space we designed offered the best of New York, coupling Brooklyn charm with panoramic views of Manhattan. Visitors were encouraged to socialize, pick up their bibs, store their belongings, and enjoy a variety of food, beverages, and music — all supplied by their neighbours at Airbnb.

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Photography © WeAreCollins.


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