Books that celebrate the cuisine of the world can sometimes be diluted by celebrity endorsements. TV chefs, weight loss warriors and reality stars flood what is actually a very informative and well presented market. So, we thought we'd dig a little deeper and soak up food bibles that were not only considerably well written but beautifully designed to help you

Senja Cosmetics is a premium beauty brand based in Helsinki, founded by Senja Parkkinen. The high-performing, 100% natural premium skin care products with unique active ingredients are manufactured in Finland, the cleanest country in the world. Werklig Agency designed a visual identity and packaging series to communicate the all-natural and contemporary nature of Senja’s products. Minimalistic and sleek logotype is

Founded in 2016, Surfaces is a design studio that can be found in the beautiful city of Lille in Northern France. Conceived and driven by Jane Secret and Nicolas Millot, Surfaces is a multidisciplinary agency that uses the founders passion for contemporary design to challenge traditions and push the boundaries of their art. Both Jane and Nicolas are inspired by their

We love combining genres of creative culture and understanding the impact they have on those they communicate with. From new sneaker collaborations between traditional brands and those less connected with fashion right through to books and magazines that work side-by-side with illustrators to capture a story instead of traditional photography. So when we stumbled across Drave, a French craft-brewery, we were

The traditions of Italian cuisine are celebrated globally and deeply embedded in the regions they hail from. The rainy north is famed for it's risottos whilst the south is a mecca for lighter, sun-drenched dishes. The identity of each area is formed by it's food history and now, Caroline D'Amore, is taking her families legacy and bringing it crashing into