French graphic designer, Jean Jullien has launched three beautifully witty illustrated books which have been published by Phaidon. They include Why The Face?, Before & After and This Is Not A Book, the perfect gift for any lover of gorgeous books and design. Why The Face?: Jean Jullien tickles the funnybone with a book of facial overreactions. Faces are presented first,

We are incredibly pleased to introduce to you Matt Chu, a mighty fine creative from our hometown of Coventry. This young illustrator is dropping incredible artworks that are loaded with colour, depth and a tone that reflects the flair of a fine artist but features a clear, illustrative style that's much more approachable and inline with today's creative movements. Matt

One of the most incredible things we get to do is search and share the creative world for new makers and doers. This allows us to continually be exposed to techniques, processes and trends but what really drives us is young, ambitious people. We aren't that interested in the traditional rules of 'good' creativity or the old guards attempt to

Multi-Disciplinary design studios are now commonplace. They service elite brands that dominate their respective marketplaces via a collective team of specialist creatives. However, it's rare to find someone that's able to proudly celebrate their ability to cross specialties, let alone do them to the highest of standards. So, when we spotted Australian creative, Jason Wood, we knew we'd found just that.

We frequently talk about the need to challenge traditions and the importance of standing toe-to-toe with the status quo in order to provide an alternative way forward. We believe that creativity is the only way to do this and by visually reflecting this ethos we know that change, improvement and opportunity awaits. However, to make this happen creatives need to

The line between graphic design, printed media, illustrative visuals and digital content is usually extremely clear but sometimes we spot a creative that's challenging the boundaries of traditional art-forms and producing exceptionally strong, multi-disciplinary ideas that cross multiple fields. One such creative is Darren Shaddick, a designer with a distinctive approach that's both engaging and immersive. Darren's work is inspired by

SPACE10 is an organisation that exists to enable a better, more meaningful and sustainable life for many. They are on a mission to explore and design new ways of living from conceptual processes to sustainable and affordable ideas. SPACE10 is a truly remarkable collective of innovative ideas and inspiring individuals. One such project is their collaboration with the students at Central

When searching for new creatives, projects and products to share we explore stacks of resources from social media to exhibitions and end of year shows to magazines that cover all spectrums of visual creativity. Every now and then we get wind of work that's being produced that we must check out and this is one such occasion. One of our extended

The spotlight has been shining brightly on Russia this year. From political fall outs to football euphoria, the worlds largest nation has never been under the magnifying glass as much. As the world's sporting media reflected the buoyant carnival atmosphere of the World Cup we decided to begin digging for inspirational creativity and boy did we do good. Based in glorious

Drawn from TASCHEN’s Illustration Now! series, this go-to catalog brings together 100 of the most successful and important illustrators around the globe. With featured artists including Istvan Banyai, Gary Baseman, Seymour Chwast, Paul Davis, Brad Holland, Mirko Ilić, Anita Kunz, and Christoph Niemann, the international overview provides an invigorating record of the dynamism and diversity of the illustration scene. Each illustrator