Books that celebrate the cuisine of the world can sometimes be diluted by celebrity endorsements. TV chefs, weight loss warriors and reality stars flood what is actually a very informative and well presented market. So, we thought we'd dig a little deeper and soak up food bibles that were not only considerably well written but beautifully designed to help you

Los Angeles based creative studio, First Love, has been on our radar for quite a while now. Their versatile approach and dedication to visual aesthetics is highly commendable, allowing them to produce contemporary design that's some of the best we've found for a long time. First Love Studio have a masterful way with typography and colour, utilising photography and texture

We love combining genres of creative culture and understanding the impact they have on those they communicate with. From new sneaker collaborations between traditional brands and those less connected with fashion right through to books and magazines that work side-by-side with illustrators to capture a story instead of traditional photography. So when we stumbled across Drave, a French craft-brewery, we were

Within a world that's loaded with mega brands and corporate giants a beautiful forest of sparkling, independent jewels shine bright. A new breed of passion heavy people pride themselves on delivering alternative experiences and cultural destinations. Designed on gut feelings and an inner knowledge that their concept will be rewarded by custom, these trail-blazers are transforming the high-streets that are

We have been planning content that focuses on the creative and cultural nature of food and drink for quite a while now. It's a subject that has continually grown in popularity and seen thousands of pop-ups, festivals and fixed site brands launch bringing us innovative processes, ideologies and reincarnations of traditional methods. So when we came across Kanteen, we knew