Bristol’s largest independent art and clothing shop identity

The Co.Lab, Bristol is the largest independent art and clothing shop in the city. It supports over 50 local artists, selling unique and individual gifts both in store and online. Co.Lab wanted to update their logo and brand identity in a way that reflected the taste of its new owner; but in a way which still reinforced the brand values of collaboration, confidence and inclusion. The brilliant Polleni Design Agency were approached and begin creating a bespoke logo from basic geometric shapes – placing emphasis on overlap to reinforce the new owner’s ethos of ‘being better together’.

Each letter was made up of two or more shapes, which interacted and came together to form a whole which was more than the sum of its parts. They said: “We tweaked the letter ‘A’ further to create an arrow pointing upwards from two shapes overlapping and connecting at the top. This suggests that by working together, anything is possible and the sky is the limit.”

The team then developed a bright, bolshy colour palette of primary colours. “These complemented a series of patterns we created inspired by the interests and cultural affinities of the new owner – Kente cloth. African fabrics and bold geometric shapes inspired by London and Bristolian street art. These patterns and colours were made into a ‘brand pattern’ used to decorate the shop. They also formed the basis for a series of stickers used to wrap up purchases in a dizzyingly diverse combination of ways.

Visit the Polleni Design Agency for more information on the Co.Lab project and other awesome work.

Photography © Polleni Design Agency


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