Blending creativity and culture – Introducing X Games, Norway

We decided to jet our street sport lover and photography genius, Garry Jones over to Norway to soak up and experience the X Games. This huge celebration of skate, ski and music is once again being held in Oslo, the home of edition. Our weekend kicked off with the indoor skate competitions, which saw some of the world’s best athletes compete before the first round of music kicked in.



Our Saturday was flooded with insane skiing. Competitors fired themselves down one of the biggest ramps we’ve ever seen. This hill gave us the perfect position for some incredible shots and as the crowds anticipation grew so did the vibrancy of everyone present. A relaxed vibe flooded the arenas, the atmosphere mirroring the laid back nature of both the audience and the athletes although their hearts must have been pounding when at the top of the climb.



The festival spirits increased as a number of insane acts raised the levels and brought the party to fever pitch. X Games may be specifically aimed at winter and street sport lovers but we believe everyone would have adored this weekend. Young families right through to older generations, this was inclusive and immersive, a reflection upon the city, the country and the region. We cannot wait to come back and do it all again.



Photography © Garry Jones.


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