Birmingham based street artist Roots leading a collective charge towards mainstream success

Street art is the movement of the moment but its rise to mainstream popularity hasn’t been a quick one. The art of telling stories on walls dates back to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. That principle has remained throughout the decades. People have took to the streets and maximised urban, public spaces to express themselves. Graffiti has provided a voice for the disconnected and artists such as Flowerguy, HNT, Wild Things and world renowned Banksy have maximised its potential to raise awareness of the tribe who follow it religiously.

Roots by Latetee Productions

In today’s world graffiti appears to be a way for those that don’t understand it to categories it as a nuisance, street art is now a more favourable term and a mainstream way for creatives in the genre to gain exposure. Cultural destinations, city centres and creative hubs are all plugging into it’s appeal and we can fully understand why. One individual that’s making big waves in street arts new found fame is Roots, a Birmingham based designer and illustrator whose work is heavily inspired by her love for the ‘weird and wonderful’. Inspired by 90’s pop culture, Roots spent much of her youth watching cartoons and getting lost down nature’s rabbit hole.


Roots by Paul Clarke

After gaining a degree in visual communication specialising in illustration Roots gained over seven years experience as a graphic designer, something that runs through her current work. Roots approach is defined by her past experiences, focusing on bright, bold character led canvases. Her work is bulging with colour, pumping energy into every inch of her creations. Echoes of classic Warner Brother cartoons are evident however her work is more mature than that aimed at children. The playful yet sophisticated visuals mirror an artist that is much more adept at her craft than those who naively tag the walls of the local estate. Roots is proof that street art is much more than gentrified graffiti but a whole new genre that connects a new generation of creatives with the wider world.



Visit Roots website for more information and commissions. Visit Roots online store here. Images courtesy of Roots unless credited otherwise.

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