Bardo Industries delivers beautifully combination of colour and type for Industry City Studios

Bardo Industries is the design practice of Laura Giraudo. As an independent multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York, their approach is built on conceptual thinking, research and collaboration in order to develop clear, trans-formative and interactive brand experiences across multiple platforms.

The following project is a stunning visual identity for Industry City Studios who opened their doors to the public for Open Studios 2018. Visitors were able to tour the studios of nearly 100 painters, photographers, print-makers, sculptors, and video artists, among others. Bardo’s work is a bold blend of bright colour and exceptional typography sat on a wallpaper of tumbling shapes. This incredible approach to visual design makes us very happy and Bardo’s website is full of similarly beautiful creativity.

For more stunning work visit Bardo Industries on Instagram or at their website here.

Image credit: Bardo Industries.

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