Australian band, The Faim, land in Birmingham for their first headline tour of the UK

Wednesday night brought the O2 Academy to it’s knees as the energetic rock of Australian band, The Faim, ripped through on their first headline tour. Inspired by bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco and Metallica, the four musicians bring a variety of musical genres to their audience from indie rock, to pop-punk and jazz.

Faim by Mac Praed

The foursome, renowned for their regularity to open discussion on mental health awareness, recently released their single ‘Fire’ – passionately referencing the delicacy of relationships and how the band are constantly feeling inspired to express and grow themselves – this being very clear in their ever-evolving discography.

Faim by Mac Praed

The evening opened up with The Faim’s first single, ‘Saints of the Sinner’, seeing an instant burst of energy from Josh, Stephen, Sam and Linden as the heavy chords and electric vocals filled the room – accompanying the cheers from an ecstatic crowd. It wasn’t long until lead singer, Josh Raven, jumped into the crowd to sing ‘Where The River Runs’ for a loving plethora of fans ranging from all ages. This of course soon followed by a crowd surf below the shining disco ball. The band continued to dispel the conventions of a typical concert, refusing to do an encore in exchange for singing us an extra song (ending with their third single, ’Summer Is A Curse’) which went down very well. All in all, the night brought liveliness, passion and inspiration.

Check out their latest music video for ‘Fire’ below.

Written by Ruby Nixon. Photography by Mac Praed.

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