Hong Kong footwear designer, Andrew Kayla, creating for a fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle

When searching the world for incredible creativity we look everywhere. We regularly dive into vibrant cities, thriving industries, independent movements and inspiring individuals, wherever we are, our sole aim is to source and share content that influences our community. So, when we discovered Andrew Kayla, we knew we’d found one of the freshest names in fashion.

As a contemporary footwear designer, the Andrew Kayla brand was founded with a singular philosophy, ‘To offer the ultimate fit, durability and the perfect aesthetic.’ Established in 2016, the brand provide two core collections: Able and Ready (AAR) and the Classic series. Below we focus on the AAR set which is the brands inaugural collection, inspired by classic sports shoes and iconic silhouettes.

Driven by an ethos that’s designed for lifestyles that are fast-paced, fluid and dynamic, the AAR collection features a selection of beautiful colour combinations for men and women. High-quality materials, traditional processes and simply beautiful design provide boundary breaking individuals with a new wave of beautiful sneaker styles.

Images © Andrew Kayla

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