Ambitious young creative, Michael Angelo, dropping super slick and expressive graphics

One of the most incredible things we get to do is search and share the creative world for new makers and doers. This allows us to continually be exposed to techniques, processes and trends but what really drives us is young, ambitious people. We aren’t that interested in the traditional rules of ‘good’ creativity or the old guards attempt to force feed us text book regulations. We much prefer to talk about those who follow no rules, in favour of instinct and passion.

So, when we found 19 year old graphic designer, Michael Angelo C (@macangelo_) we were excitable to say the least. As a young creative, Michael is experimenting with type, colour, photography and layout but the results are already impressive. This self-taught idea maker is free from the shackles of a creative education and the boundaries it puts in place. His work is loaded with expressive processes and a naive beauty that only comes from those that aren’t afraid to push the limits of creativity.

Image credit: Michael Angelo.

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