Adidas return to the underground rave scene of the 80’s for their latest Spezial collection

Adidas have dropped their Autumn / Winter Spezial collection, celebrating the anniversary of acid house in the movements 30th anniversary. Loaded with classic styles but modernised with contemporary materials, this new range pays homage to underground warehouse parties and the cultural phenomenon that continues to be referenced in today’s youth.

Timeless footwear silhouettes such as Munchen Super have been released in a vivid green whilst the Indoor Comp bring a sense of casual sportswear which was prominent in the original 1988 scene. The Lowertree and Punstock provide an alternative approach and the apparel including the Graphic LS Tee, Loton Jacket and immense Harpurhey Track Top allow the Spezial range to sit perfectly in today’s, indepdendent scene whilst still connecting with the those who experienced the first ‘Acid Winter’

Drop two of this collection is expected in early 2019.

Image credit: Kevin Cummins / Adidas Spezial.

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