Arkyn adding modernity to traditional, vintage running styles

Here at Native we love exploring all forms of creative youth culture from graphic design to film and events to music. One thing that we are smitten for is how genres cross over and inspire, interrupt and influence. Nowhere is the process of collaboration more strong than in the world of fashion. In some cases it’s simply too much but when done carefully and considerately, the methods are beautiful.

For us collaboration doesn’t have to be between two power houses or leaders in their fields. This is where many brands go wrong, focussing on celebrity status over the value of each product. We all know Kanye West sells but if he was to collaborate with Alton Towers would it add value?.. So when we got wind of the new Arkyn by Adidas we got rather excited. The team have brought together vintage running styles, the same styles they’ve been famed for, for decades and brought modernity and playfulness to the 2018 drop.

Available in three colourways from June 25th, our preference is for these Yellow Glow. Lightweight uppers, cushioned soles and subtle branding gives them a common appeal that will be seen on track, on the street and on the coolest feet in the world!

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Photography ©Adidas



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