A spectacular look at global football grounds from above

We admire so many creative people and niches, there’s beauty in so many things, processes and approaches but every now and then a unintended collision of creativity happens and it opens up a new world. Some of the greatest innovations are those that surround us, the day to day objects that make up our environments and this collection of images collected from global sources is one that focuses on football grounds, their architectural glory and the presence they hold in their respective space.

From major players in the beautiful game to smaller, local teams, this series celebrates their beautiful design, timeless appeal and sprawling arms. In some cases the physical pitch is dwarfed by the giant structures that surround them. Theatres for working class fans to praise their idols, high-rise platforms to berate their opposition but more than anything they are portraits of global culture, mirroring a game that unites millions. These shots are truly spectacular and collectively cover a range of creative topics that make what we do magical.


Photography © in order of appearance: Izuddin Helmiadnan, Willian Justen De-Vasconcellos, Sacha Styles, Henrique Macedo and Fahrul Azmi.


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