The British Educational Research Association is one of the education-industries leading organisations. Their tireless work discovering new ways of working throughout their community is truly inspiring and they approached Studio Native to help develop and deliver the full identity for their annual conference. This weekend celebration, which is held in unique and inspiring destinations each year, brings together their members who

Low female representation within the music industry is an on-going issue that must change and Coventry's Boudica Festival aims to raise awareness of the problem by celebrating inspiring and innovative women in music. Returning for it's second year, Boudica Festival is named after the warrior queen who is thought to have been defeated in battle, north of Coventry and will

The line between graphic design, printed media, illustrative visuals and digital content is usually extremely clear but sometimes we spot a creative that's challenging the boundaries of traditional art-forms and producing exceptionally strong, multi-disciplinary ideas that cross multiple fields. One such creative is Darren Shaddick, a designer with a distinctive approach that's both engaging and immersive. Darren's work is inspired by

Bardo Industries is the design practice of Laura Giraudo. As an independent multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn, New York, their approach is built on conceptual thinking, research and collaboration in order to develop clear, trans-formative and interactive brand experiences across multiple platforms. The following project is a stunning visual identity for Industry City Studios who opened their doors to the public for Open

Finding and sharing the work of young, innovative and inspiring creatives plays a huge role in our day to day activity. There's nothing more exciting that connecting with brilliant people across all creative industries including fashion, film, music and design so when we found Birmingham based visual artist, Sam Williamson, we knew we'd hit gold. Sam Williamson is currently specialising in

The Design Ranch has been a source of inspiration to us since we began our journey in 2016. The Kansas City based creative studio produce beautiful brand-driven work that elevates their clients communications to heights that not many studios can compete with. From vivid identities and perfectly executed packaging to gorgeously fresh graphics and digital content that is nothing short

We are fortunate enough to be able to dive into exceptional, global creativity every single day. From mind-blowing art in Madrid to fresh-thinking graphics in LA, our world is a melting pot of visual stimulation that's fired by some of our generations leading lights. Exposure to high-quality work does exactly what we want it to, inspire and influence, not just

Alternative outfit, Futumche have fast been gaining a reputation for their explosive live performances. Now that raucous energy has been harnessed in the form of debut album, To The Withered Deity. An album full of quirky experimental sounds from hard hitting guitar riffs to sinister synths. This record flows effortlessly with screeching lyrics to more methodical prog-rock, all of which

After a busy summer of activity, including headlining Birmingham’s well renowned Hott Date event and a prestigious support slot with Californian psych queens L.A. Witch, Lions of Dissent are delighted to present their self directed music video for their debut single Honey from Hell. Originally scheduled for release in April, the release date was postponed to late July to accommodate vinyl