The traditions of Italian cuisine are celebrated globally and deeply embedded in the regions they hail from. The rainy north is famed for it's risottos whilst the south is a mecca for lighter, sun-drenched dishes. The identity of each area is formed by it's food history and now, Caroline D'Amore, is taking her families legacy and bringing it crashing into

Works from artists including Donald Rodney, Gillian Wearing, Helen Chadwick, Francis Bacon and Barbara Walker form part of a new experimental exhibition at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery which explores underrepresented stories of body image and identity. Within and Without: Body Image and the Self, open now until 1st February 2018, examines the questions, anxieties and stereotypes faced when trying

From our humble base in Coventry we regularly connect with global creatives, our search for truly beautiful work holds no boundaries. Visual magnificence is being made everywhere, gorgeous illustrations reflecting the environments in which they are made, films that are challenging social stereotypes and photographers that are capturing culturally significant movements. So, when we digitally landed in Berlin, we were

Spiralling down to earth from the confines of hard rock space is 'Look Out!', the latest album by Coventry's psychedelic rock 'n' rollers, Superhooch. People may remember Superhooch from Godiva Festival 2017, where the band gained enough votes in the Godiva Calling competition to help open up the festival to some of the 179,000 visitors the festival attracts. This year, armed with a new line-up,

When searching the world for incredible creativity we look everywhere. We regularly dive into vibrant cities, thriving industries, independent movements and inspiring individuals, wherever we are, our sole aim is to source and share content that influences our community. So, when we discovered Andrew Kayla, we knew we'd found one of the freshest names in fashion. As a contemporary footwear designer,

Paul Rand famously said: "The world is more familiar with bad design than good design" and we couldn't agree more. For years we've been subjected to corporate nonsense that's driven by non-inspiring brief writers but now, due to the power of social media, we are awash with vibrant colour and gorgeously unique artwork. Designers, illustrators and alternative medium makers are loading

Toronto based creative agency, Underline Studio have been at it again. These guys produce spectacular ideas for a wide rage of clients and now they've collaborated with illustrator, Sam Island, to create a beautiful new series of materials for the University of Toronto. The University were looking for a new approach to attract prospective students and they hired Underline Studio to

In a world that's loaded with content, both off and online, it's become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. Billboards adorn every inch of spare, urban space whilst platforms such as Facebook regurgitate campaigns endlessly with only profit in mind. So when we discovered Austrian illustrator and graphic designer, Francesco Ciccolella, we were captivated by his ability to communicate

Any creative practice or individual that adds the phrase "Let's get weird" into their introduction is one that's worth exploring and Benjamin Juhlin, the owner of First Love Studio, is one such character we've decided to discover. This magnificent graphic designer is dedicated to exploring and challenging everyday design, it's purpose and how it can be improved. Benjamin see's his studio